Crediton Fly Fishing Club - Health & Safety Guidelines

The following documents are guidelines for work parties on the Crediton FFC waters. Other clubs may use them as a basis for determining their own guidelines and codes of practice on the following terms and conditions:
1. They should acknowledge copyright of FishWatch.
2. They should carry out their own risk assessments for their own waters and their own work practices.
3. They accept that FishWatch and the Crediton Fly Fishing Club accept no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the legality of the documents, or for any claims arising from their use.

CFFC  General Safety Guidance Notes for Work Parties on the River Bank
CFFC  Safety Procedures
CFFC  Safety Officer
CFFC  Acceptance of Work Practices and Disclaimer of Responsibility
CFFC  Ordnance Survey Grid References
CFFC  Risk Assessments and Codes of Safe Practice
1. Working in Rivers
2. Working on Riverbanks
3. Use of Pole Chainsaw
4. Use of Pulleys
5. Saws and other Cutting Tools (other than power tools)
6. Use of Chain Saw


Copyright CFFC