Safety Officer:- Howard Thresher


Safety Supervisor:- Date:-


National Grid Ref:- Nearest Phone:-



Site Assessment:

         Prior to the commencement of work, the site should be inspected and assessed for specific hazards.

         Consideration should be given to:


Presence or otherwise of overhead power lines

Height of river

Strength of current of river.

Depth of pools

Stability and unevenness of river bed.

Stability and nature of river banks

Presence of barbed wire, electric fencing.

         A plan of work should be drawn up based upon the desired objectives and the above considerations.

         This plan should be communicated to all members of the work party prior to commencement of work.


Safety Instructions:

The safety supervisor must inform all members of the work party of the following:

         The plan of work

         Delegation of duties

         Chain of command

         Agreed system of signals

         Codes of Safe Practice for each activity that each member may be involved in

         What to do in the case of accident or emergency

The supervisor must check that all members sign a declaration that they understand these instructions, and a disclaimer of the CFFC's responsibility before they commence work.


Other Preparations:

The safety supervisor appointed for the day should check:

         that signs are erected warning the general public of any potential peril.

         that there is a first aid kit available.

         that the national grid reference no. of the site has been recorded and that other members know where it can be found in case of emergency.

         if anyone has a mobile phone, that it can be accessed in an emergency

         the location of the nearest telephone box is recorded.

         all accidents and injuries are recorded at the time, stating place, date, time, how it occurred, details of injuries.

         whether anyone present is a First Aider, Doctor or Nurse. Such a person should be called upon to assist or advise in case of accidents or physical injuries.

         This sheet should be completed and returned to the Safety Officer at the end of work.



Details of Accidents/Injuries sustained:


Name: Time of Incident: Where occurred:


Nature of Injury/Accident:


Action taken:

Cause: Witnessed by:


Follow up necessary?


Signed: (safety supervisor)













































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