CFFC  Safety Pocedures

Appoint Safety Officer: 





1. Assessment of hazards in the workplace - reports.

Use of chain saw : Risk to operator, risk to other workers, risk to public

Use of pole chain saw:  Risk to operator, risk to other workers, risk to public

Working in river (risk of drowning, infectious disease, sharps, submerged obstructions, barbed wire etc)

Working on banks,(overbalancing, unstable banks,working with others, barbed wire, thorns, sharps, risk to livestock and public)

Fires (risk to operator, risk to others, risk to livestock, countryside and public)

Use of other implements:  (pulley blocks, saws, hooks: risks to operatives, co-workers and the general public.)


2. Provision of  written codes of safe practice

Use of chain saw

Use of pole chain saw

Working in river

Working on banks

Use of other implements:  pulley blocks,  saws, hooks

Intrusion of members of the public:  Warning signs                          

                                                (Visual and audible Signals)

                                                (demarcation of Safety Zones)

3. Appoint Safety Supervisors, and ensure their awareness of all codes of safety.


Appointment of  Safety Supervisors:





Responsibilities -  To ensure that the codes of safe practice are adhered to on a day to day basis  



Work practice (how each activity should be performed)

Protective Clothing,

Notice and recording of injury

First Aid

Life savers



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