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1.) Assessment of hazards in the workplace -

(Including risk to operator, risk to other workers, risk to public. )

Use of chain saw :

Use of pole chain saw:

Working in river

Working on banks,


Use of other implements:

2.) Provision of written codes of safe practice

General Safety Guidance Notes

Use of chain saw

Use of pole chain saw

Working in river

Working on banks

Use of other implements: including pulley blocks, saws, hooks

Intrusion of members of the public:

3.) Monitoring and updating the above assessments and codes as situations change.

4.) Appointment of Safety Supervisors, and ensuring their awareness of safety codes.

5.) Maintenance of Log of Activities and Records of Injuries and Accidents.

Safety Supervisors:

         These shall be persons who have been familiarised with codes of safe practics, who are appointed to supervise work parties or certain aspects of work.

         The supervisor's name, and the date will be entered upon the general safety guidance notes on each occasion, together with other site details, and details of all accidents and/or injuries. These completed notes are to form the basis of the records to be kept, and must be returned to the Safety Officer at the earliest opportunity.

         Responsibilities - To ensure that the codes of safe practice are adhered to on a day to day basis

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