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Fishing Reports for the 2003 season

Opening Day

2003 Started bright and sunny. Too bright and sunny for fishing, if reports are anything to go by, and the wind was really keen and from the East, providing a windchill factor of -3 at middday. Still, I ventured out and walked up from Fordton to the Yeo above Bullmarsh Weir, to find th river in perfect condition with plenty of new deep pools and cuts even if the weather was not in my favour. After fishing the first run with a small copper head nymph, I met Mike Weaver who had walked down from Salmon Hutch with the intention of finding a quiet spot and no one else on the water. At time's like this there's nothing a fly fisherman dislikes seeing more than another fly fisherman, and I must admit to a sense commiseration for Mike who sportingly headed back uptream again despite being offered to slot in in the pool above.
The absence of a hatch prompted me to follow Mike about half an hour later in the hope of taking some photos of him fishing the pools dpwnstream of Salmon Hutch. Sadly the fishing was so poor that Mike had already gone leaving me to view the solitary hatch of an olive upright out of character and out of season.

In my pursuit of Mike, I travelled up to Tucker's railway Bridge, but discovered nothing more than the fact that, despite a huge amount of river work this winter, there were still areas which needed to be addressed.

But just to have the opportunity to be outside, and walking the river on Opening Day was a joy in itself, and when I got over my initial disappointment at lack of fish, I began to count my blessings that it was such a beautiful day. Walking back downstream to Fordton Plain, I came across Coltsfoot flowering on the gravelled edge of the stream, something which I had totally overlooked on my progress up river. And every few yards there were wild narcissus, shivering at the chilly breeze in their pale yellow dresses.

Stillwater Fishing trip to Blakewell

I am still awaiting photos of this winter's fishing trip to Blakewell, and as I was unable to attend all I can say is that everyone who did go caught their limit, and had a such an enjoyable time that they have decided to go again in 2004.

Comparison of Catch Returns 2000 and 2002


Analysis of Catch Return 2002 by Month

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