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2009 Catch Returns Analysis

2009 Catch Returns
This season once again saw a pleasant spring quickly tuurn into a wet summer, making fishing plans difficult. Members who picked their moments had some good catches. From the catch returns of 37 members and visitors we have analysed the following data.

Analysis by River

River Total Catch12 ins13 ins14ins15ins16ins17ins
Creedy 2064
Culm 1231673442
Lower Culm 2532
Culvery 101
UUU 4222
Taw 270255
Yeo 5301512
TOTALS 120666175442

Notable Catches:
River Yeo:
Tony Jackson caught 2 x 14" fish
River Culvery: Barny Hall took 1 x 12" fish
River Creedy: Alistair Hodgson had 3 x 12" fish, Mike Weaver 1 x 12" fish
Lower Creedy: Mo Graham caught 1 x 13" fish , Chris McNamee, 1 x 13" fish River Taw: Cethin Davies 1 x 13", Ben Dymoke-Marr 1 x 13", Chris McNamee 1 x 13", Mo Graham 1 x 13", Mike Weaver 1 x 14", Jo Anderson 1 x 12" sea trout
River Culm: Ben Dymoke-Marr 2 x 15" + 1 x 16" + 1 x 17", Nigel Nesbitt 1 x 16" and 1 x 16.5", Martin Davies 2 x 15", 1 x 16" and 1 x 17".

The top three cards were - Mike Weaver with 192; Ben Dymoke-Marr with 178 and Jo Anderson with 97 fish respectively.

The Chairman's cup , for the most fish in a season, was therefore presented to Mike Weaver.

The trophy for the largest fish of the season was awarded jointly to Ben Dymoke-Marr and Martin Davies, both of whom recorded catches of 17" fish on the river Culm.

Graphical comparisons for earlier returns can be found on the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Fishing Reports pages.

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