Index of CFFC Winter Fly Swaps

Each winter, during the close season, this Westcountry fly fishing club organises fly tying evenings culminating in a flyswap for its members to help them pass the time in eager and expectant anticipation of March 15th.

Below are links to each set of fly patterns including pictures of flies, together with descriptions of the materials and tying methods.   These pages can be downloaded for personal use, but overall copyright remains with the Crediton Fly Fishing Club.   Replication of any part of these pages for use on other web sites or for commercial purposes is not permitted.

1998-1999 Inaugural Winter Fly Swap
1999-2000 Millennial Fly Swap(Dry Flies)
2000-2001 Third Winter Fly Swap(Sea Trout Flies)
2001-2002 Fourth Winter Fly Swap(Terrestrials)
2002-2003 Fifth Winter Fly Swap(Traditional Wet Fly)
2003-2004 Sixth Winter Fly Swap(Favourites)
2004-2005 Seventh Winter Fly Swap(Sedge: Larva to Imago)
2005-2006 Eighth Winter Fly Swap(Paraloop patterns)
2006-2007 Ninth Winter Fly Swap(Loch, Lake and Lough trout patterns)
2007-2008 Tenth Winter Fly Swap(Nymph patterns)
2008-2009 Eleventh Winter Fly Swap(Dry Duns)
2009-2010 Twelfth Winter Fly Swap(Anything Goes)
2010-2011 Thirteenth Winter Fly Swap(Duns & Emergers)
2011-2012 Fourteenth Winter Fly Swap(Parachute Flies)


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