CFFC Millennial Fly Swap

After last winter’s phenomenal success in the Inaugural Fly Swap, it was a hard act to follow, but once again members of the Crediton Fly Fishing Club sat down and toiled over their vices during the winter months.   Once again there was a magnificent response with fourteen entrants lasting the course and submitting really excellent flies.

The tying standard this year was even better than last year, and pictures of these elegant flies together with descriptions of their tying patterns can be downloaded by clicking on the hotlinks below.

Participants Fly Pattern Received
Mike Weaver Sparkle Griffiths' GnatJanuary 9th 2000
David Pope Antron SpinnerFebruary 11th 2000
Howard Thresher Hawthorn KlinkhamerJanuary 9th 2000
Peter Tyjas Taw GnatFebruary 19th 2000
Damian Hussell Blue UprightFebruary 20th 2000
Greg Mason Legg MayflyJanuary 10th 2000
Bob Swinhoe Black GnatFebruary 19th 2000
Jeff Clark Beacon BeigeFebruary 16th 2000
John Ponting Half StoneJanuary 20th 2000
Jon Ponting Klink-Adams VariantFebruary 6th 2000
Ted Riseley CoachmanFebruary 16th 2000
Dierk Ströle Red Tag CDCFebruary 25th 2000
Keith Hicks Grey DusterFebruary 6th 2000
Mark Tanner Adam's TrudeFebruary 12th 2000

We had a great fly tying evening on January 10th at the Exchange, Crediton, where experts Roddy Rae, Mike Weaver, Jeff Clark, Greg Mason and Jon Ponting provided one-on-one tuition for club members, and other entrants in the Millenium Swap.

On February 28th we had a Fly Tying Exhibition Evening coinciding with the completion of the Swap.   Everyone was delighted with their swapped flies which were of an even higher standard than last year.   Mark Tanner was awarded the prize for the what was adjudged to be the best set of flies.   Mike Weaver provided us with excellent tuition on some of the finer points of tying with CDC and various hairwings, together with some North American tyings.

The full index of all CFFC Winter Fly Swap patterns can also be viewed at:
Fly Swap Index

Other local patterns and pictures of flies are illustrated on:
HT's Fly Page.

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Last updated 6th November 2000